Thanks, Grandma…

My 5, almost 6 year old is on the verge of reading. She has learned enough snap words and knows how to blend sounds together that she can get herself through those”I can read” books. While this is such an exciting time for her (and for me!), it also poses some challenges.

We now read everything. We are constantly on the look for words. I was grateful we didn’t know enough yet around election season and its aftermath due to the choice words on many of those flags and bumper stickers.

Yesterday we were reading the sign being pulled by the plane along the shoreline. Have you ever seen a plane pulling a sign in the air? It’s very exciting.

“Grandma, what does that sign say?!”

“Wet…t-shirt…contest…oh- wait a minute”

“Wet tshirt contest?! What is that?!”

“Really, mom? You had to read the whole thing?! You didn’t figure it out after wet?” It was one of those stomach turning moments when you realized you needed to find a way to explain this without explaining it.

Big N decided that it was a silly idea because you could ruin your shirt if you got it wet. She decided she didn’t want to participate.

Rest assured she has shared with everyone since that there is a contest tonight. When we heard some booms before bed she even piped up, “oh that must be fireworks for the wet tshirt contest.”

My head is still shaking at my mother. I preferred the sign that said to save the animals. Now I look forward to what her teacher says when the kids share about their break because you know this fact is the one that will be shared at morning meeting.

Thanks, grandma.

By Kessick



  1. The fireworks had me laughing. LOVE this precipice of reading in Kinder. I can still get away with spelling some things out loud in 2nd… not many things at this time of year! Enjoy your budding reader!!!


  2. LOL! The fireworks also had me laughing! I also appreciated the line, “moments when you realized you needed to find a way to explain this without explaining it.” The joys if parenthood AND yay for learning to read!


  3. I giggled to myself as I was reading this! I felt that you were retelling it to me in person. Children are so incredible!


  4. This makes me laugh! There are so many great lines that you’ve written….the hint about inappropriate things to read during the election…..N’s decision that she didn’t want to take part in the contest…..the looking ahead to it being shared in morning meeting. What a treat to read!


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