Travel Prep

Why is it that before we leave town, we blitz clean the house? DH* says so that we’re coming home to a clean house, which makes sense, I guess, but this is supposed to be rest and relax time! I did several loads of laundry, just to pack jeans and tshirts. I organized the tupperware drawer and discarded non-matching sets. We plan on a relaxing and educational couple of days, but I hope all of this prep is worth the reward. Not to mention my Shmoo turns THIRTEEN this weekend…I will officially have two teenagers in the house. I ordered his cake and he wants Korean Hot Pot for dinner, so I need to figure out what that is, and where we can find it in this town.


*’Dear Husband’, among other names using these initials HA!

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By DontBotherOrtizMe

Random musings from a random homosapien. Just trying to enjoy what I can of this ride called life.


  1. What a great opening line! I’ll bet it will feel good to come back to the house in spit-spot shape. Hope you enjoy the trip!


  2. Is the extra prep work worth it? Whatever “it” actually is. I find myself in this very dilemma every time I leave for a long weekend or trip. May you decide whether or not the work is worth it. Enjoy your travels!


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