“Show me how to do it?”, she said.

I rushed to do it for her, so happy that I could.

“Show me how to do it”, he said

I did it,and it was done.

“Show me how to do it?”

I enjoyed doing it and being so helpful!

“Show me how to do it?”

…they asked so many times…

“Will you show me how to do it”. then!……

I let them fall, …backslide, …blunder, ..flounder, as I sat close by and supported them. I tried to help them love themselves if they failed. I failed in front of them, and showed them that I make mistakes every day. They talked and I listened. We laughed and got silly. We rested and “came back to it”. We learned to become comfortable with the struggle, to “stay with it”. We cultivated a culture that values and understands how important p r a c t i c e is, and why we do it.

Process, practice, growth, teach.


  1. We need to leave that ego behind, right? Love how this moves through our own stages of realization to let us enjoy learning with them rather than FOR them. Wonderful!


  2. YES! I have found that this year my students are very uncomfortable with trying. They seem to want me to do everything for them…I keep reminding them that they can do it! Great Post )


  3. This is the same with my own son. Mama help me (something that I have shown him how to do so many times.) When I remember every moment is a learning moment than teaching isn’t so hard.


  4. This is GOOD.
    Something I learned as a preschool teacher: Do it for me, and I learn how YOU do it. Do it with me and I learn how I can do it.
    Good to be reminded of this every now and then


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