Unfortunately, Fortunately

I woke up at 3:00 am.

Unfortunately, that was because lil’ N was sleeping in my room.

Fortunately, he just stared at me this time instead of gently touching my arm while I slept- sparring him from a whack to the face and me another panic attack! 

Unfortunately, he wanted to go back to his bed, but his “legs didn’t work” and he needed to be carried.

Fortunately, this meant he was out of my room.

Unfortunately, he called out for me again an hour later to use the bathroom.

Fortunately, his legs “worked this time” and he walked.

Unfortunately, he called out again an hour later because he was “too hot” and had to come to my room. 

Fortunately, I was able to fall back asleep. 

Unfortunately, lil’ N didn’t. He woke me up to let me know. 

Finally, I ordered the large tea from Dunkin’ as I rolled back out of bed to head to work. I was going to need it.  

By Kessick



  1. Here’s to a better night sleep— although you stayed up to write this instead of going to bed early 😉

    So excited to have you on this journey of procrastinating writing our MOC!


  2. Oh, I remember those days! I think parent-tired has teacher-tired beat – hands down! This is a fun format and worked well for this little early morning snippet! I hope you find some rest today!


  3. Oh, this is so much fun, full of imagery, touch with Lil’ N. In Louise Erdrich’s novel The Night Watchman, she has one of her brief chapters called “Good News Bad News,” so you’re writing among the best of them! (I may borrow this tactic for one of my slices.)


  4. A fun format that works so well here to tell the story! I smile as I read, even though I can feel the exhaustion seeping in…I am reliving this on occasion with grandchildren and find that it is more endearing than it used to be.


  5. Yep, will have to steal this idea/format at some point. How does one go to work after a night like this?? And teaching is not like sitting at a computer all day with a cup of coffee. We need to be able to clone ourselves so we can be both a parent and a teacher…so that the up all night parent can sleep the next day while the teacher goes to work. If it’s any consolation, kids do grow up eventually and let you sleep at night.


  6. I’ve used the fortunately/unfortunately format writing with children. I haven’t yet used it writing about my own personal day. Love this idea! Fortunately they grow up; unfortunately they grow up. Do you know the book the picture book Fortunately by Remy Charlip? It’s an oldie but goodie – published in 1964.

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  7. I once had a principal use this format during PD before school began (before looking at data). It was a good way to introduce the topic before delving into it. She started by reading the book @wordancerblog mentioned above. I like the format and how you took us through those wee hours of fortunately, sleeping and unfortunately, waking up.


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