March: A Haiku

In like a lion

March has finally arrived

A hopeful sigh

By DontBotherOrtizMe

Random musings from a random homosapien. Just trying to enjoy what I can of this ride called life.


  1. This is great! I especially like the hopeful sigh. That is what March is. We’ve made it through the worst part of winter, but we have to take a breath and make that final climb out of the school year and into summer. Looking forward to more of your posts.


  2. What a hopeful haiku! While I was walking the dog this afternoon, with just a vest.. no winter coat! I was thinking about the whole March comes in like a lion thing… because I was still stepping on ice covered slushy sidewalks, but the birds were chirping… I’m so glad you are slicing with us!


  3. I know that hopeful sigh! The year is really moving now…(I think). It’s been quite a year and I’m glad that we are in it together. You are so good!


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