Look For the Joy

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When your heart is so heavy
And you’re not sure if what you are doing is enough
You remind yourself that you can do hard things
That there is always joy to be found

So you pause
And you make a list of the joy that happened in your day

A note from a student
A good morning, Mrs. Kellander. I’m so happy to see you.
A hug
Grandparents who are always willing to help out
The listening ears of colleagues
Students working SO hard in math
Read Aloud
Partner work
A student after partner work, whispering and high fiving her partner, “This was awesome. We make a good team.”
Talking about books with kids AND with adults
A coworker who is willing to go above and beyond
A friend who laughed when you mentioned “Last week on the Kellander Show…”
Flowers & stuffed dogs from my best friends
Catching up with a friend at swimming
A successful and early bedtime

When your heart is so heavy
And you’re not sure if what you are doing is enough
Look for the joy ❤

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By kristasjots

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  1. This post is melancholy, yet hopeful and joyful. And, that does seem to be how my day started as well. I started heavy, almost dreading all that I had to do today. Then, I started focusing on the little wonderful things that were happening all around me and it became a joy. Thank you for reminding us of how important perspective is.


  2. Today has been the heaviest I’ve had in a long time…thanks for the invitation to find the joy on what has culminated into what has felt so bleak and despairing. I am most appreciative.

    ~Carla Michelle


  3. Hi Krista,
    Looking at the little moments of joy in a heart-heavy day always puts things in perspective. Sometimes they’re hard to find, but they sure do help get past those bumps.


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