Ode to Muffins

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Muffins remind me of the Sunday mornings of my childhood
Muffins freshly baked
And in a basket
Sitting on the kitchen island
Cinnamon with crumb topping
Blueberry with a sprinkle of sugar
Lemon Poppyseed
Apple Streusel
Muffins made with love

Muffins remind me of my Grandmother at Christmas
Overflowing holiday bags
Filled with wooden spoons,
Pot holders
Muffin mixes
And other random items tucked in

Muffins remind of my daughters
So many moments of us
Standing together at the kitchen island
Amelia and Emmalee on a stool
Tiny hands,
Growing hands,
Counting out cupcake wrappers
Learning how to measure
And how to take turns
And how to problem solve
Moments filled with laughter
And sometimes arguments
Over who will add what ingredients

Muffins remind me of lockdown
Of when we were first home
Trying to find things to keep our children entertained
Not knowing what to expect
Eating non-stop
We spent many mornings baking muffins together

Muffins remind me of kindness
And that you are not alone
A supportive colleague
Delivered the most delicious muffin
After a difficult week
This small act of kindness
Reminded me that I have people in my corner
People who see, understand, and care

Ode to muffins

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By kristasjots

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  1. Dear Krista,

    (sigh)…where do I begin.

    As a food fanatic, I love each of these lines for so many reasons. Ironically, I quite often encourage my fellow educators to line their lesson plans with food writing because I am convinced that it cradles many of the most powerful and poignant experiences we’ve had. Having presented several professional development trainings on food in the classroom (and completing quite a bit of research), I am sure It is easily an untapped resource, rich in all its might.

    You’ve proven that with your poem.

    That you were able to elicit the most meaningful memories from your childhood, motherhood, workplace and personal space, shows that even a single food can denote numerous elements of compassion, warmth, affection, felicity, reflection – and so much more!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the lyricism as well. This imagery rich poetry transported me to the many places and times when fare was the connector between my moments of incessant joy and spending irreplaceable time with the ones I loved the most. Immersed in textures, tastes, scents and sounds, I became enamored with the cuisine that colored my life.

    How beautifully you captured that motif here. Job well done…


    ~Carla Michelle


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