Confession Slice

I have always considered myself a cat person
Growing up, we always had cats
When I think back to my childhood
So many memories are of the funny things my cats did
Like Alice breaking in to the cupboard to steal powdered sugar donuts
Or Chase playing fetch with a crumpled up post-it note
Or Ralph curling up in my Barbie Camper–Move over Ken!
Or Dewy climbing up the ladder to the top bunk of my brother’s bed
Or Scruffy letting us dress him up in doll clothes and push him around in a stroller
We usually had one or two cats at a time
But when I share stories about my childhood,
Especially when I’m writing with my students,
Cat stories always emerge.

I thought about the fact that when I think about my childhood
I think about my cats
And the fact that my daughters would never get to experience this
Sure we have had snails and fish
But is that really the same?

Although I loved the endless cuddles and purrs
I was (still am) allergic
Like my eyes never stopped itching
And my nose never stopped dripping
And my inhaler never stopped puffing
Kind of allergic

So when my husband showed me a picture of puppies up for adoption
It was a firm NO
getting a puppy.

I am a cat person after all
And I’m allergic
And our daughter has allergies
And there is no way we are getting a dog

A little piece of me did consider the possibility
of getting a sweet, sweet puppy
Maybe it would be okay
Miniature Schnauzers are considered to be hypoallergenic
Miniature Schnauzers are supposed to be good family dogs
Amelia has been begging for a dog


I agreed to visit the puppies
Just to see them
to adopt one

I am now a dog person, too
A puppy person
A new dog mom
I mean, how could I say no to this face?

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  1. I love, love, love this post because I can relate to it so very well! In fact, I could have written it! I also had cats growing up! We subjected them to many of the same things (like dress-up and a baby carriage) and loved watching their antics. As a young couple and then young family, we got cats – we also had only one or two at a time. After 14 years, our cats – Lewis and Clark – died. I was crushed. But a couple of years after their death my husband showed me a photo of a yellow lab puppy. I said yes! And, now, I also love dogs! I cannot imagine our life without our dog, Molly! Thanks for the post that you wrote. It brought back many memories!


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