I’m Pretty Okay!

My favorite response to my typical, “Hi, how are you?” question at the drive through line of my favorite fast food restaurant this weekend was this: “I’m pretty okay.” What a way to sum up this year! “Pretty okay.” So I thought… How are you feeling about the time you’re spending taking care of yourself…… Continue reading I’m Pretty Okay!

It’s that time again.

I’m hoping to blog every day of March for Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers. So this is my first slice. It’s a little nerve-wracking to put my writing “out there” for more than just my students. It took me a few years to get used to writing in front of them, so I’m…… Continue reading It’s that time again.

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“Here I Am!”

Written & Illustrated by: Alyssa Sibiga est. 2001 Before I was a first grade teacher,  I was a first grader; here I am!  Before I was a first grade teacher,  I wanted to be just like Ms. G. with a smile you couldn’t forget. Before I was a first grade teacher,  I wanted to hear…… Continue reading “Here I Am!”

A slice of madness

A new month to embrace a new challenge- find time to slice everyday. March also kicks off our March Book Madness event at school. Last year, we didn’t get to complete this annual tradition in person. In only my 2nd as building principal, I am hopeful this year will be different. What you don’t see…… Continue reading A slice of madness