Have you ever watched a Sour Patch Commercial?

Slice of LIfe

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by.

Have you ever watched a Sour Patch Commercial?
First they’re sour. Then they’re sweet.
Sour. Sweet. Gone.

Welp–this was my evening on Wednesday. Except things started out sweet, then went sour, and then yo-yoed back and forth. It was exhausting–and thankfully I can look back and laugh.

Both daughters were in great spirits when we picked them up from school. We decided to do take-out from one of our favorite restaurants in town. We even splurged and ordered ice cream–crazy vanilla, cookies n’ cream, and graham crackers. The mischievous Leprechaun had even stopped by our house while we were at school. The girls were SO excited to find their favorite animals wearing green bow ties and ties.

The moment my husband walked through the door with dinner, all you-know-what broke loose. The seven year was mad because we decided it probably wasn’t the best idea to have a picnic in the windy, cold backyard. Did I mention it was also muddy? The four year old declared that dinner looked disgusting and she was NOT going to eat it. I kept asking myself, is this really happening right now? We ordered the food they asked for–we even bought ice cream! ICE CREAM!

Welp–into the freezer the ice cream went.

After the dinner fiasco–and a little time to reflect–our daughters spent the evening playing together. The seven year old even taught the four year how to play the game she created with a friend at school.

When it was time to get ready for bed, the girls went back to their bedrooms to put on their pjs (or so I thought). As I made my way down the hallway to check-in and help with bedtime routines, a seven year old mummy emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in toilet paper and fancy tape. We had a good laugh and then I walked into the bathroom–tape and toilet paper were everywhere!

After the bathroom fiasco was cleaned up–the four year old snuggled into the seven year old’s bed, listening to her big sister read bedtime stories. The seven year old brought the characters to life by using different voices–and their giggles made me smile.

Off to dreamland we went! Thankful that each day brings a fresh start.

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  1. That really is a sweet and sour evening!!!! Also- we need to write this up as a slice for the slice of life documents because I think it’s perfect for kids to do! Like a new take on fortunately-unfortunately!



  2. This is a great prompt. I think I’ll try it out in my notebook. Being a mom gives you lots of sour/ sweet moments. It’s good to write them down so you can look back and enjoy them later!


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