Band-Aid Please

Cut & Paste…Paste & Cut Spin, spin, spin,  Scissors are not toys, people. Let’s not hold our scissors with the blades open. Then…Whaaaah! Well, what did you think would happen? Gotta love real life experiences. Whoops, I guess that wasn’t an empathic response. Band-aid, please.

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Will It Stick?

Empathy is an interesting and important part of life. Explaining it can be fun and funny to 8 and 9 year olds. Just saying “Imagine yourself walking in someone’s else’s shoes.” Puts a literal twist on the class discussion. You hear…“I don’t get it.” “‘Why do I want to walk in someone else’s shoes?” “Am…… Continue reading Will It Stick?


Red heart shape wrapped in crinkly clear cellophane A sweet, kid-drawn heartfelt note of gratitude attached Hints of chocolate wafting from inside the heart Look away, look away, be strong Calling, oh so calling to my weakness for creamy chocolate goodness Why, oh why did I pick now to start a better eating lifestyle  Well…… Continue reading Sweetness