Before that…

It’s 9 am and I’m laying on the hotel bed writing this slice.

Before that, the kids asked me for a snack. We split the remaining Teddy Grahams from the snack bag.

Before that, I braided my daughters hair to help her keep it out of her face while at the water park.

Before that, the kids asked me for a snack. They chose the cheese stick over the cucumbers I had packed.

Before that, they were playing with the obnoxious toy my daughter had asked for and received for her birthday from my uncle. I had not read the fine print before I sent the idea to him (it makes records and makes sounds..)

Before that, the kids were eating the breakfast I had packed. I had packed our food to avoid the ridiculous prices the hotel has to offer. After all, this was supposed to be a small trip, not an overly expensive one!

Before that, the kids woke up right on time. 6:45 and not a minute later. Even after a full day at a water park, their internal clocks were set.

Before that, it was an argument over who would “get” the sofa bed to sleep in (yes the sofa bed was the prize because who doesn’t want to sleep in a sofa bed?!). We compromised and both kids slept in the sofa bed while I enjoyed a “queen” bed to myself (no way these are queens, my husband and I were grateful for the novelty of a sofa bed).

Before that, it was a delicious meal at my uncles. Not only did it fit our budget, but it was great food. Two thumbs up from both kids (and parents, as well!)

Before that, we were having a great time at the water park. The wave pool was the fan favorite, but lots of good slides that suited both kids needs.

Before that, we were in the car driving. We went through one meal and three rounds of snacks during this drive. Luckily, I was prepared.

Before that we were packing last minute because I wasn’t 100% sure this trip would even happen.

I’m glad it did.

By Kessick



  1. What a fun format! I especially appreciate how it highlights the snacks on snacks on snacks on snacks phenomenon of our current stage of life, ha. So glad this trip could happen for you!


  2. This format was such a fun way to tell about the trip. The ending, where you reveal that you weren’t even sure the trip would happen, was such a great place to reveal this detail–putting it after readers could see what a great trip it turned out to be gives us a better sense of appreciation that it got pulled off. I also enjoyed the thread of eating that wove through so many of the lines. It made me smile to imagine your kids enjoying all the snacks and fun of the trip.


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