Fingers Crossed

It’s happening.

Like right now. On the road to a destination.

I planned this months ago. A small trip to make up for the fact that we couldn’t swing a bigger trip right now.

I’ve been too nervous to plan for it. Talk about it. Tell the kids about it. Short of booking it, I pretty much forgot it was happening.

There was no way we would all be healthy and actually be able to go. I mean, have we had a healthy household for more than four straight days? The next illness is always around the bend.

Little N gets the gold medal for most illnesses this year. Actually, he gets the gold medal for most of our germ achievements.

Largest number of unique illnesses. Champion of repeated illnesses. MVP for hospital and doctor visits. Winner for confusing the doctors more than once for being able to identify what is actually wrong. Most positives on tests. Highest temperatures recorded. Heart rate spikes. Drawing out every illness to the maximum number of days the doctors have said could happen. Most school days missed. Finally got the “I can puke in the bucket” award! (Very grateful for this one).

I mean I could keep going. These are just his achievements from the last few months. We haven’t even discussed last year’s numbers and don’t get me started on his first year of life.

We are 5 now and I’m waiting for that immune system to be built up enough so we can cash in on all of these awards. I’m hoping for a big, long, pay out.

But for now, I’m just hoping we can be healthy enough to enjoy 2 days at a water park and get to meet a new member of the family.

Fingers crossed.

By Kessick



  1. Your post really resonated with me! You describe our constant worries of when the next sickness will come and how it paralyzes our optimism for what is next. I felt the same way for our Feb vacation. People were surprised that I wasn’t talking about it, but I couldn’t even let my brain believe it. but we miraculously made it! Fingers crossed for you!!!


  2. Have a wonderful time! These germ infested days do eventually end. Hang in there! I think you have the added challenge of less immunities due to pandemic living. I’ve had more sick days myself than I have ever had this year. I know it seems far off but in the future you will look back on these days longingly. Enjoy your get away!


  3. I hope you have the best time! I totally remember the days when my kids were little and sick so very very much! I felt like I could never look forward to something.


  4. I hope you enjoyed your trip and all can remain healthy! I think you need one of those boards that they have on worksites that say “____ days since the last accident” yours could say “_______ days since the last illness/sickness”.


  5. So excited for you that you actually made it out of the house! Level 1 unlocked, right?! Fingers crossed that the luck continues and you can enjoy yourselves over the next few days! And maybe Little N could simmer down on some of those achievements??


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