You are my colleagues and friends, but you have been so much more than that for me. You have MADE my career what it is.

Nothing. Else. Is. Possible.

It has been the rubbing against you, the disagreeing in our safe space, the learning that comes from listening to what you say, …trying it myself, and doing it until I did it well…. “Being greater with you than with myself” has been part of me for my whole career. You have made me brave! You have made me mad . I’ve been hurt, frightened, made stronger, happier, called to ponder, nurtured to be hopeful, taught to rethink ideas, and much more. All of these conditions have chemically hardened and toughened, sealed and polished ALL that is me.

You have laughed and worked intensely, right alongside me. What a privilege this is! This has not been MY job — I call it my part of OUR total job”. I was never alone in this work. It is not the nature of this kind of work to toil alone. My working days have been a ‘part of the whole’ for our time together.

As I got a reputation, or if won an award, it was because of your support of me. I learned by your example. When you took the time to share your wisdom with me, you bolstered me. Without you, I am much less than I am when we work together. Very soon, (like cells which reclaim and rejuvenate), a fresh, new cell will come to the top. S/he will be part of the interconnected system. Nurture that friend! One day, you will have a very well-fed individual!

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