31 Reasons to Slice

1. It allows me to become more comfortable being uncomfortable. Putting yourself out there is hard!

2. Community of slicers

3. Gives me more reason to work with my amazing curriculum coach, @onathought

4. An outlet for creativity and self expression

5. I can do hard things

6. I pause more and am mindful about my day

7. Expands my vocabulary as I search for just the right words

8. Support in the writing process as a teacher

9. I can in turn, support my students more with their writing process

10. A release of emotions when needed

11. A place to brain dump

12. Doodling is widely accepted and often applauded

13. Realizing that there is inspiration and stories are all around me

14. Compliments and comments, it can be fun to be wooed or alternatively supported in a way you didn’t know that you needed

15. Practice different formats of writing

16. Learn about and explore my own writing style

17. Learn from and be inspired by others

18. Seek and find comfort in writing and from other slicers

19. Create a new hobby- currently considering Tuesday slicing

20. Appreciate the little things, people, moments, places, etc.

21. A place to be vulnerable and often without judgement

22. Write alongside likeminded people

23. Turning memories into keepsakes in one place

24. Learn about myself and my own limits

25. Reconsider who I am as a writer and would like to be

26. Helps motivate my students to write everyday alongside me

27. Cause for more purpose in my days

28. Challenge myself to not only commit but to be consistent

29. Socializing virtually or in person with slicers and colleagues

30. Establishes a routine

31. Brings me joy

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE SO MANY THINGS ON THIS LIST… but especially number 20…noticing and appreciating the little but important moments of my life….This happens best during SOL month!


  2. SO many great reasons to do the slicing challenge! I hope you share this widely next year to convince others to join you! I hope you do continue slicing on Tuesdays–I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!


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