Writing is hard.

Writing is hard. But is it worth it?
There are a million other things I could be doing

Writing is hard. Do you have to write everyday?
It seems like you’re struggling to find something to write about.
Why force it?

Sometimes I do sit down to write
And I sit
And I think
And I type
And I delete
And I think
And I struggle
And I type
And I delete
And then a lightbulb

Writing is hard AND writing has given me many opportunities
To process
And reflect
And capture
To collect stories
To pour my emotions into a space that’s mine
To zoom in on small moments that add up to bigger moments
To get something off my chest
To recognize and appreciate
To strengthen my skills
To recenter
And to find the good
And sometimes the ugly

Writing is hard AND it’s most definitely worth it.

I’m participating in the daily March Slice of Life Challenge #SOL22 by Two Writing Teachers! Today is day 23!

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By kristasjots

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    Every night it’s like “what should I write about?” for fifteen minutes until I somehow find inspiration. BUT!! YOU’VE MADE IT ALMOST A MONTH!!! That’s something to celebrate =)


  2. It is so hard sometimes. Then there’s the times when I tell myself I’m not ready for the world to know this yet but I know it’s something that needs to be written. Thanks for sharing your struggles.


  3. It can be a struggle, but when it’s right, it’s so good! I guess we live for THOSE moments and hope they come more often


  4. I go through my whole day thinking about what I should write about haha! For some reason I enjoy spicing it up a bit and trying a new method of writing.


  5. Oh my gosh. You may be inside my mind. Thank you for writing this. You are not alone. I am saving this to include in the things I share with writers in my courses.
    And, total victory in the line “sometimes I do sit down to write.” Think of all the times we don’t! This is still a major challenge for me, and writing is an actual part of my job with dedicated time and space!

    I also write a post called “Writing is Hard” several years ago, so I’ll share it: http://anneelrodwhitney.com/2017/05/24/writing-is-hard/


    1. Thanks for sharing your post!! I connected with so many parts of it. Being a teacher writer… and writing in the moment with my students has been so powerful. They see when I’m stuck. They see when I write and then delete or handwrite and then cross out and then keep writing. They see my imperfectness and learn that this is okay. They sometimes will even add to their own writing using mine as inspiration. They even hear me say, “Wow. This is hard.”

      And this… “Yes, are you finding this difficult?” I ask. “ Oh good! You’re doing it right.” YES! 🙂


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