The Magic of a Book Frenzy

Ahh the magic of a book frenzy!
“Mrs. K, this is literally book heaven!”
Kids browsing our newly established fantasy bookshelves
Reading covers
And googling reviews
Swapping titles with friends
Giving book recommendations
“You HAVE to read this series!”
“I think you will LOVE this book! I read it earlier this year!”
Talking fast
Oohing and Ahhing
Quickly jotting down titles to curate their own “must read lists”
“Mrs. K, you have the best books!”
Conversations celebrating our reading lives
“Mrs. K, can I have more than five titles on my list?”
“Hey! I already have 15 titles I want to read!”

Making the decision to read alone, with a partner, or to join a book club
Knowing ourselves as readers
Pushing ourselves as readers to read something new

This is what authentic book reading is all about
Falling in love with reading all over again

I’m participating in the daily March Slice of Life Challenge #SOL22 by Two Writing Teachers! Today is day 21!

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By kristasjots

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  1. I love all of this–the description of kids’ excitement, hearing kids’ voices, and that ending, with “this is what authentic book reading is all about….” I love that list.


  2. As soon as I read your opening ‘Ahh the magic of a book frenzy!
    “Mrs. K, this is literally book heaven!”’, my heart fluttered. I LOVE new books and I LOVE sharing them with my students. Thanks for sharing!


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