I just can’t…

Dismissal time can be a bit chaotic at the end of the day. I strive to make it a smoother process, but I haven’t nailed it down quite yet.

I have one student in particular (2 really) who move as slow as molasses while packing up. I usually take the majority of the students out while my student teacher hangs back to help speed up the process with the ones still working on it.

He is working on increasing their level of independence for this process so they don’t get used to “oh he will just do it for me if I stall long enough.”

Here is his summary of today’s interaction-

“Alright let’s get that folder and chrome book to your back pack.” (This is the 5th time and a minute after our class has been officially dismissed)

“I can’t.” Student continues to roll around on the wiggle stool.

“Of course you can. You do it every day.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“It’s too heavy.”

“No- you are strong and I’ve seen you handle this load before. I know you got this.”

“I just can’t today. Just not today.” Student shrugs in defeat.

I feel ya buddy- some days you are just done.

Also, thank goodness for student teachers.

By Kessick



  1. Reflecting on a particular student in my room, I can relate to your line about student teachers! I have a wonderful paraprofessional and i have found that if my words aren’t helpful to the student, sometimes hers are! Even if we tell the student the same thing!


  2. Oof. sometimes the daily tasks do seem too heavy. Sometimes I can’t either. And yes, God bless support staff (student teachers, paras…..anyone working with kiddos!!!)
    Thanks for sharing a portion of your day


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