Little snippets

Snippets from my day….

– “I wouldn’t want to eat a skunk, then my mouth would be stinky.”

– “Do you have snakes, bats, or lizards?” “Just bats…maybe lizards…no snakes, but I know where to find it!”

– “Those question marks really do make it pop.”

– “I need a bracket name that is witty but school appropriate, go!”

– “I wasn’t sure, then M said to try it, so I did, and then I did it!”

– “I just read Elephant and Piggie mostly by myself!”

– “My belly is full, can I have dessert?”

– “I don’t want to take a bath, I want to stay stinky.”

Besides the fact that we all did, in fact, bathe and no one actually attempted to eat a skunk, it was nice to find some shining moments in my day. Things that made me laugh, smile, feel so proud of, and of course, a bit frustrated with- let’s chalk it up to a pretty good day.

By Kessick


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  1. These snippets are a joy! How wonderful that you took the time to write them down! And how fun for readers that you shared them. It sounds like there was a lot of laughter.


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