Walking in solitary

My heart in my ears, my feet cluh-clop.

The sparrow sees me



  1. This is such a teaser of a story! I want to know more! It’s so interesting how much stopping just a little ways in makes me want to reread and reread, searching for more clues. Maybe I need to try that with students….. 🙂 Thanks for an intriguing post!

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  2. Dear cleopatti,

    I do love this lovely three-line poem. Even in its conciseness, it feels rich with imagery and language. I consider what can be inferred by what it means to walk in solitude – that it could be comforting or painful. Intentional or undesired.

    That your heart is thumping in your ears lends itself to a heightened sense of awareness – and a subsequent wonder as to why? Is it fear? Is it an innate connection to nature?

    With the sounds of the shoes, I contemplated, “Where is this character? What are the shoes like? How is the weather? Where is this location?”

    And my favorite – the last line: “The sparrow sees me.” It is a reminder to me that we are truly never alone, be it nature or the divine. Someone is always watching, and in that, I find consolation.

    Thanks so much for sharing – this was beautiful!

    With Warmest Regards,

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown


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