Chesapeake Bay Joy

A sunny brisk May day in 2019, powering our way down the Potomac River together, my daughter, Alaina and I headed to the Chesapeake Bay aboard our Sea Ray 340. We felt this was the first true test of our boat and our boating skills as mother and daughter. It was exhilarating. Our friends in their boat are making the journey with us to Herrington Harbour South marina. The memory of that trip solidified our passion for being on these brackish waters.

This is such a vastly different world from living, working, and raising my daughter in State College, Pennsylvania. As an elementary school teacher of 8- and 9-year olds, I have found my happy place is on Chesapeake Bay. My daughter, Alaina has since chosen to purchase and live aboard her own boat at Herrington Harbour South. Now, I am journeying on to a new location and to new adventures on the Chesapeake with my dear boating partner, Bob.


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