A list…

I am a list maker. To-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, it goes on!

Here is a list based on today’s events:

– don’t bank on sleeping in even though you used the storm shutters on their window. They know it’s 5:30 with or without the sun.

– start early on the dolphin search. Apparently this trip will not be worth it if a dolphin is not spotted daily. It will be something to cry about, so bring the tissues just in case.

– you’ll need the tissues because the weather change is making your nose bleed like crazy. Buy extra at the store.

– one tiny piece of seaweed is enough to ruin the entire experience of feet in the waves. Don’t pack too much for the beach since you will be expected to leave quickly.

– remember the goggles. It stretches time spent in the pool. It also cuts down on how many times they let you know you forgot them the last time.

– find a way to help lil’N with the sliding door without him realizing you are helping. He wants to do it himself, but he will get his fingers stuck and it will hurt.

– buy the bigger bottle of ketchup. You can never have too much ketchup.

– perfectly time every trip to coordinate with the age of your youngest and the floor you are staying in. The elevator apparently only takes you to that floor. Thank goodness we are on 4!

– don’t just call out to look before you turn the corner- get up and hold the kid back. It will save you a lot of blood, tears, and potentially a premature loss of a tooth (cross your fingers that bugger stays in- the tooth fairy isn’t prepared for a loss of a first tooth!)

– put on the sunscreen and re-apply. Don’t question it.

– visit the library if you can! Books solve everything.

Continuing the fun and learning from the mishaps. Fingers crossed for more sunny days and dolphin visits!

By Kessick



  1. I enjoyed reading your list — you curated the different events to make me feel like I was a part of all of your little adventures. I enjoyed visualizing and infering everyone’s reactions. Format of list was fun!


  2. Seaweed made you get out of the ocean?! After all the talk about the lack of sharks?!

    So many memories being made. So proud of you for taking this trip!


  3. What a great list! I like the snippets you included with a little extra than what’s the norm for a list. What a great idea about coordinating the floor you’re staying on at the hotel with the age of your child, made me chuckle. And the tooth fairy! Great post.


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