Beautifully difficult

How I wish I could walk through this world with the eyes of my children. If I did- I would see so much wonder:

– how awesome is that bus that takes us to the airport! “This is so cool.” I wouldn’t be focusing on the bumps in the road the whole time.

– how amazing is baggage claim! Do you really expect me just to walk right by that conveyor belt that rotates? Can I ride that slide where the luggage comes out? I wouldn’t be frustrated with people taking up space while we try to get through.

– woah! Stairs that move? Can we ride that?! I wouldn’t be annoyed when the escalator stops.

I also know how difficult life can be through the eyes of my children. I need to remember this as I start to feel myself get frustrated.

– “I don’t want to put my bag in the belt. It’s mine. Will I get it back?” I need to remember that sharing is difficult and when the process is unknown it can be scary to give up your special item to a stranger.

– “I wanted to flush it myself!” I need to remember that automated toilets either freak the kids out that they will get sucked down the toilet or upset that there is no handle for those “do-it-yourselfers” who want to exert their fresh 4year old independence. I think the lady in the stall next to me could also use a reminder of how hard it must be to be 4.

– “when will we stop walking?” I need to remember that little legs work twice as hard to go the same distance…and it was far.

Life is beautiful and hard when you are young. It’s good to be reminded of the wonder to grow appreciation for what we take for granted every day and helpful to remember the difficult to build that patience that we need to use during the tough times.

By Kessick



  1. I love the glimpses of the world through your children’s eyes, particularly contrasted with your own perspective. A good reminder that there are many ways to perceive things!


  2. Ah yes, their view of life going on around them is so new, tiring, and wonderful all at once. I loved the format and how you organized this story.
    Look for an email request coming from me!


  3. Oh how I love this. As a teacher of K I need these reminders too, and the grace to allow for the wonder.
    Thanks for sharing


  4. Love the perspective and how you go back and forth- and also this: “. I think the lady in the stall next to me could also use a reminder of how hard it must be to be 4.”


  5. This is such a lovely way to write from multiple perspectives and has such a tenderness to it. It reminds me of how important it is to consider these perspectives more often throughout my day. You’ve given me an idea for a slice. Thanks!


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