Six Word Slices

Thankful for this beautiful sunny Saturday
A long nap on the couch
Kids outside, riding scooters and bikes
Puppy runs very fast after sisters
Burgers and fresh veggies on grill
Fire shoots sky high from grill
“Someone should call the fire department.”
Charred cheeseburgers served at the table
Thankful for this beautiful sunny Saturday

I’m participating in the daily March Slice of Life Challenge #SOL22 by the Two Writing Teachers!

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By kristasjots

Reader. Writer. Teacher. Singer of Random Tunes. Lover of Jokes, Doodling, & Flair Pens.


  1. I absolutely love the way your first and last line bookend your piece. Yes, what a day to be grateful for! We also had an unseasonably warm and beautiful day, and while I know that it’s just a tease, it also brings a moment of hope. I have to say you made me smile with the fire department / charred cheeseburger lines. If I had a dollar for every time…

    One more thing: I read your bio and saw your nod to Flair Pens. I just may be a kindred spirit.


    1. The weather and sunshine was just what we needed!

      Ahhh yes, charred burgers. LOL! You win some, you lose some.

      Flair Pens are definitely my jam! Bic Gel-ocity retractable pens are a close second!

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