4 for 12

My mama volunteered in my class today. I think she just wanted to hang out at the #GlowParty we had. After school she mentioned JoAnns was having a sale, t shirts were 4 for 12. I know someone with a cricut and figured, maybe if I supply my own shirts, she would press the designs for me (fingers crossed, I haven’t asked her yet).

Schlepping in and out of the aisles, a Father was bargaining with his 4ish year old to keep her mask on. “Keep it on, or we have to leave.” She pouted and put her mask on. I looked at him and his eyes were pleading (either “HELP ME” or “GO AWAY” I’ll never know). I complimented the 4ish year old’s mask, because it was my favorite color, and I said “Thank you for putting your mask on. I’m with my Mama today, and I am trying really hard to keep her safe. You are helping me to do that.” She puffed with pride. I glanced back at Father, and his eyes softened.

After we checked out, the 4ish year old and her Father were outside leaving and she looked up at me, at my mom, and back at me. She took her Fathers hand and walked what I will call proudly to her car. Father nodded at me.

I bought four tshirts, two solar lamps, a mug for a sweet friend, and 3 candles. I came in thinking I would spend $12 (or less, after coupons).

I also left with a warm heart, walking arm in arm with my Mama.

By DontBotherOrtizMe

Random musings from a random homosapien. Just trying to enjoy what I can of this ride called life.


  1. Your blog restores my faith in humanity. The relationship you have with your mother is a beautiful thing. I imagine that daddy trying to woo his child to wear her masks appreciated your kindness more than you know.


  2. I love the flow of this piece – from school to after school – and the feeling of you and your mama. One of my favorite line was “his eyes were pleading (either “HELP ME” or “GO AWAY” I’ll never know)” hahahaha!


  3. You mom is SO cute when she comes to school. Smiles so big at everyone. I loved reading this parental connection in different ways. Thanks for sharing 🙂 My parents want to get back in school soon…we’ll see!!


  4. I love the parallel connections in this story–you with your mom, the little girl with her father–and you with the little girl and also you with her father. So much sweetness and love! I especially enjoyed the detail of the little girl seeing you with your mother and then taking her father’s hand. Beautiful!


  5. nice telling of a Joanne’s journey! I have never met your mama except when she read a story to my class on a flipgrid that I got from you! I hope I meet her sometime!


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