Mismatch Day

Mismatch Day is Maine Coon and pizza socks, snakeskin patterned leggings, a tie dye Def Leppard T-shirt, camo sneakers, and a blue plaid shirt to tie it all together.

Mismatch Day is forgetting that it’s Read Across America week until the day before, and sharing your ideas with colleagues and classroom families last minute.

Mismatch Day is dumping coffee beans into the water reservoir instead of the coffee grinder.

Mismatch Day is leaving school at 5:00 and making it to your car at 5:02, only to realize you left your lunchbox in the classroom so you leave at 5:08 instead.

Mismatch Day is conversing about the one-armed Def Leppard drummer with the mailman and your favorite secretary points out that he actually started with two arms.

Mismatch Day is receiving a birthday gift on your actual birthday in September but not opening it until March because you put it with your mountain of math mess.

Mismatch Day is realizing that everyday is Mismatch Day.

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping bye!


  1. Being mismatched is the best! My mom always says, “Becky, are you actually going to school dressed like that?” I always tell her yes and that not matching is a lot of fun! Most of the time it starts a new conversation!


  2. I like the repetitive nature of your entry. I like how you took a step back to see Mismatch Day as not that unusual. Maybe it´s freeing to realize that Mismatch Day is the norm! Could totally relate!


  3. “Mismatch Day is realizing that everyday is Mismatch Day.” Amen! Matchy-matchy Opening a September birthday present in March is a lot like Christmas – triple mismatch joy. An entertaining slice.


  4. I used to DESPISE mismatch day. It made no sense to me and I found no joy in it. Now that I have partaken a few times (not a lot), I MOSTLY enjoy mismatch day during my after-school chores –at the grocery store and the library and especially at the bank or the doctor’s office!


  5. This line sums up a teaching life with too much on the mind: “ Mismatch Day is dumping coffee beans into the water reservoir instead of the coffee grinder.” Thanks for sharing!


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