Banister Pants

So thinking back on something we started during the spring of 2020, affectionately known as Banister Pants. I’m sure other families do this, maybe even call it this, but it was new for us. 

See, we* don’t always like wearing pants when we’re home, which was severely often two years ago to the present. WFH, Remote/Virtual learning, no chances of anyone randomly stopping by….we didn’t always need proper pants. When we would “support local” (which was code for ‘I’m not cooking so let’s see who is being safe with delivery options’), I would hang a pair of pants on the Banister to have at the ready when the doorbell rang. Mostly the delivery person would leave the food/dessert on the tray placed outside, labeled with a thank you poster, but on the off chance that someone needed a signature, it seemed rude to make them wait for me to dash into the bedroom for bottoms.

Thus, Banister Pants was born.

Fast forward to this past weekend, when walking around pantsless, my 15yo said “I’ll be sad when Banister Pants is no longer a thing,” and I got to thinking, can it continue for the foreseeable future?

Does it *have* to go away?

Can this be one of the Covid Joys?

My thighs just really love each other so much that they want to be stuck together all the time.

Long Live Banister Pants

*15 and I

By DontBotherOrtizMe

Random musings from a random homosapien. Just trying to enjoy what I can of this ride called life.


  1. Hahahaha, banister pants is brilliant! I love it! I just wore pajamas, top and bottom, the whole time, and said the phrase “I have to put on a real shirt, I have a meeting” (real shirt being a hoodie, with my pj pants still on) waaaay too many times!


  2. This post just completely made my day. I to decided that I didn’t need pants during lockdown+. Definitely cut down on laundry and definitely had a go to pair of jeans on deck. I think you should keep Banister Pants!


  3. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I could TOTALLY relate to this, and it made me think of so many times that I just “HOPED” that no one would be coming up my walkway or knocking on my door (we have lots of windows all around). I think lots of (fun) people must do this, and (as always) comedy is often so funny because it’s TRUE!


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