A Slice of Slice

I did it! I blogged every day in March for Two Writing Teacher Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Day 31 A Slice of Slice

The other day my husband asked me, “Are you going to keep your writing up when this is over?” Hm, good question, and not one I had considered. Am I going to keep writing? Or should I say, am I going to keep writing regularly? This year is a hard one to contemplate adding one more “anything” into it. However, I somehow managed to include time to write a slice, post it and comment on others every single day, which I wasn’t sure I could do.

So perhaps I have the time (at least on most days). What I needed is the motivation. This group, with the cool blogs I read and the encouraging comments left on my posts makes me think it is possible to spend even 20 minutes a day continuing to write. I now have my own blog, thanks to this process. (I have very little on it yet.) That could be my first stop. I have a journal I haven’t touched in months. That could be my second stop. And then there’s the makings of a book stored in my computer. It needs dedicated time, which I will have more of in about 50 days. 

So here’s to my first Slice experience, and to building up my writing life. Apparently the answer is, “Yes, I will.”


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  1. Congratulations on finishing your first challenge! That dedicated time is so important – even if it is just 20 minutes a day! I am part of a group of Facebook – Teach Write – that has helped me find that time. You might want to check it out! Good luck with the continued writing!

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  2. Congratulations!!!!! You did it and it seems you are leaving thinking about how this might just be your way of life now. Your habit. I love how you list the tools needed. I am Sally, a teacher in VA for the past 28 years and 8 years ago, I learned of this challenge and was teaching writing to 4th graders and thought I’d give it a try. I remember how exhausting I felt that year, trying to figure out what to write each day. But I’ve returned every year since and now March is my favorite month. I volunteered to be on the Welcome Wagon and happily was assigned you! I apology for not daily reading and then reading 4 in a row and leaving a cascade of comments. Not sure if that helped to keep you going. This pandemic has messed with my focus so my daily time as a slicer became limited this year. So even now, you are getting this a day late. Sorry. But still know I sincerely enjoyed reading your slices. Do consider returning here on any Tuesday throughout the year and next March. Writing helps us in so many ways. It seems like it is your habit now! I am so glad to have “met” you here. Look forward to reading and writing with you again in the future.

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    1. Sally, no worries! I totally enjoyed your comments and appreciated your insights. This year has been harder than most to find what I love about teaching. So that part I get!

      I’ve been teaching for 30+ years, and this is my fourth year in 4th grade. I taught second for 18, and then third. (I also stepped out for 3 years to work with the year long interns at our university.) I am finding that at each age, there are parts of writing I cherish.

      Years ago it was suggested to me that I keep a journal. I started, sporadically at best. Yet the ability to process through writing is one of the strategies I share with my students. Fourth graders (and some third graders) are more receptive to that. I’ve found this part of my job is one part that brings me joy – knowing that I may help a kid find a way through life by writing.

      So I am hoping I have rekindled that desire to keep writing in myself.
      Thank you!


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