Real Books, Real Browsing

I AM blogging each day of March for Two Writing Teacher Slice of Life Story Challenge 21.

Day 25 Real books, real browsing

I absolutely understand why libraries had to close for browsing during the pandemic. I also understand why they are still closed for browsing in many (most?) areas. Our libraries quickly worked out a system where you could request books online, they would text you when it was available, and then you would pick it up during specific hours. (In fact, I got a message today that a book is ready, so I’m picking up a book tomorrow.) Of course, they also have books you can check out online, and I have used that heavily.

I get it, but I don’t have to like it. I miss browsing. I miss looking at the new books, finding one that sounds interesting, and then tracking that author back to see if that book is part of a series. (I have dislike starting a series mid-stream. Technically, I think it’s mentally impossible for me to start in the middle of a series!)

I miss walking to the areas where some of my favorite authors reside. I can see some of those shelves in my mind, but I often can’t remember the author’s name! (I always struggle with names – people, places, TV shows… You name it, because I can’t.)

I can spend a long time wandering around my library, piling up books. Sometimes I get 2-3 books, sometimes a lot more. I renew books I didn’t get to finish, and occasionally keep them past their due date because someone else wants it and I just    have     to    finish! (Yes, I pay the fine.)

It’s one of my happy places. Hopefully it will be a happy place again soon.


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  1. I miss browsing so much. I’ve been trying to talk myself into requesting some library books, but mostly I just want to be able to browse the shelves and bring a big stack home. What a happy day that’s going to be when the libraries fully re-open!

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  2. You and me both!! I recently went to Target, and even there I got sucked into walking their few shelves and browsing peacefully. I am getting to explore (and weed) shelves full of unfamiliar stories and standard favs at my “other” school this week, and loving that time. It is all a much different experience than shopping/browsing online and placing holds – and I can’t wait for classes (and us) to get back to real browsing!

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  3. You are spot on. I love browsing. It was the internet before the internet with more surprises. Our library is allowing people in and the first time I went in and walked the aisles felt soooo good. You’ll be back in soon.

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  4. You have reminded me how much I miss it too. How quickly I switched to e-books, but just browsing, yea, I miss that too. Slowly walking the aisles and not knowing what might call out to you. I miss that.

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  5. This slice shows how much you love this place that you haven’t been able to visit. I could connect so much to the thinkgs you don’t like as I am a library wanderer too.
    Favorite line: I can see some of those shelves in my mind
    Fingers crossed that we both can wander the stacks again SOON.

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