The Queen of Snacks?

I am blogging each day of March for Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Day 22 The Queen of Snacks?

As soon as the kids leave the classroom I am hungry. I could have just eaten lunch and I’m still hungry when they go. Because they eat in the classroom, I do not feel comfortable removing my mask for more than a quick gulp of water. So I wait.

When I get to my car, I sanitize my hands. Then I’m rooting in my lunchbox, trying to find a leftover bit of food that escaped my quick eating at lunch. When I’m awake enough in the morning, I pack something extra that I can have after school. 

I’ve noticed that often when I get home, I’m still hungry. I don’t know if it’s psychological or physical. Maybe I need to pack a bigger lunch? I don’t have time to eat much more than I do, and I’m not leaving lunch hungry. 

The funny part is I am known as the queen of snacks. Flying somewhere? I have snacks. Road Trip? Snacks! Running errands? I probably have something on me for that just in case. A TSA agent once had a good time examining my gallon bag of snacks. (He was most intrigued by the Nutella dippers! He apparently didn’t know they made Nutella like that.)

I have some snacks in my classroom, but I won’t eat them in there. Where am I lacking snacks? In my car at the end of the school day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to grab one when I pack up. (I’ll probably forget. Don’t tell my friends; they’ll take my crown.)


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