Like a kid in the candy store, the bright red wand spoke to me. My eyes drew me in and before I knew it, the toy was in my hands.

“We have to get this for A.” The joy in the picture of the little girl on the front of the package was all I needed. Who DOESN’T love bubbles?

I watched A’s head bobble up and down as he was carried into the house. I jumped out of the chair to show him his surprise. “Bean and I thought you needed this.”

A’s eyes grew wide, as did his smile. He took my hand and said, “Sissa! Come on me” (come with me) and off we went to the front of the house.

This wasn’t just any old bubble wand. This was one of those HUGE bubble wands that make the ginormous bubbles. The kind where multiple smaller bubbles come out to create one massive monster of a bubble.

We waited anxiously as L waved the wand in the direction of the wind. Bubbles of every shape and size appeared before us. We ran about trying to pop them as fast as we could.

Front flips, biting bubbles, ninja kicks and belly dives were on repeat as we worked as a team to pop every last bubble. I paused to take experience the moment but before I could take a mental snapshot, A grabbed my hand again and before I knew it, we were running after our next brigade of bubbles.

As I look back, I realize the bubbles were a gift for both of us. Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by


  1. Of *course,* a bubble-making monster would be a gift that keeps giving. Thanks for sharing this joyous moment.


  2. I can sense the free spirits and joy as you frolic about. What a unique energy brought about by such a simple toy. May you have many more bubble-filled memories in your near future!


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