Changing clocks again??

I am blogging each day in March for Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Day 15 It’s 2021. Why are we still changing the clocks?

Does anyone else hate the two time changes we go through each year? My husband smiles at my moans & sighs, at my trying to get ready for the time changes. He’s one of the lucky ones that just changes the clock and his body adjusts like magic. 

Well, I could use some of that magic! It usually takes me over a week to stop feeling groggy and off-kilter from the clock changes. (You should see the wreck I am when we have to get up super early to catch a morning flight. It is NOT pretty!) Not only was getting up this morning hard, but I didn’t really want to eat breakfast. And I ALWAYS eat breakfast!

To be clear, all time changes knock me for a loop. My sister lives on the west coast. The only visit where I wasn’t awake at their 4 am was the one where I stayed three weeks after my niece was born. Finally in week two I started to feel more human, other than the infant crying me awake every few hours. By week three I was fully in west coast time, and then I had to leave and fly back home.

If we could just have a two hour delay the Monday after the time change, I think it would be okay. Or at least better! A one hour delay? Just inch into that time change…. 

That’s all I can handle today. I’d go take a nap, but I have to go to bed at 9:30. (It’s really 8:30!)


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  1. Isn’t it interesting how some people like you are so sensitive to a single hour time change, and others, like my son-in-law, handle a 12 hour change with relative ease?!
    I love the expression, “Knock me for a loop.” I haven’t heard it in awhile. You have a nice breezy, casual, engaging writing style here.

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