1. And I am afraid I am starting this week a bit closer to the E and have some emotional roller coaster today and tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder to fill up with love!


  2. I like your cheerful drawing. It made me think, “Yes! We need to fill up on love, but how?” Certainly, we need to give love, but also –and this harder for me — we need to receive the love that is offered us — not dismissing compliments, for example, and not rejecting offers of help. I’m glad that your picture reminded me to be open-hearted.


  3. Your drawings made me stop and think about where my heart fuel level was–which is the first step I think–just becoming aware. I definitely need to slow down a bit and do something kind for myself. I live in Chicago and today it’s supposed to be beautiful, so I think I’ll take a walk.
    Thanks for this important reminder.


  4. I like the drawings and reminders to fill up. I’ve reached out this week to the people who regularly fill my tank – lately, the people I’ve been around (not students) have drained it.
    In addition, you have helped me to feel more confident about posting only my photographs on Sundays during this challenge. (I’ve done Silent Sunday posts for four years now and my regular readers have come to expect it.) Thanks!


  5. I’m loving your slices! This one made me take pause, really examine the gauge and the gas tank — love the detail of the hearts at the spout. My heart is pretty full today!


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