1. I…love…this! On so many levels. And that you’ve captured it with the economy of words is #priceless. How inspiring. I won’t soon forget it.

    ~Carla Michelle, a fellow believer that #foodislove


  2. This is great, and I appreciate the process and prompt – especially given our need to reconnect with others through food. Potlucks, full family meals, heck even buffets seem like a distant reality at the moment. But I wish you good food and good company, and look forward to more #graphicnovelslices !!


  3. You know I love this. And I can’t wait for the get togethers in the future too. I love the tone of your art, and the way you convey a whole slice in just a few panels. LOVE


  4. The picture idea is amazing! I am feeling the same with filling in space to make it seem less empty. It’s hard not seeing loved ones and having those dinners to create memories. I feel like this day is coming soon! Hopefully.


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