Today I’m Tired

I heard my alarm, but I didn’t want to shut it off. If I shut it off, that would mean I’d have to open my eyes. If I opened my eyes, that would mean I’d have to muster up the courage to pull myself out of bed… and if I pulled myself out of bed,…… Continue reading Today I’m Tired

Friends? *Wine* Not?

Inspired by a friend with an attempt at a graphic novel slice from today. Friends? *Wine* Not? Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by

I Miss My Mom

“I miss my mommy” she whimpered, looking up with sad blue eyes peeking above her pink kitten mask. I could see the tears starting to form. They were due to burst in any moment. What brought this on? Was it the reminder from the rainbow unicorn slap bracelet her mom got her? Perhaps a case…… Continue reading I Miss My Mom

S*paw* Treatment

Today, Mingus smelled like a living version of his litterbox… ew.  Unfortunately, we needed to give him a bath. Fortunately, B had the idea to “yeet” him into a tub full of soapy water and hold the curtains shut.  Unfortunately, Mingus hasn’t had a REAL bath since he was a kitten.  Fortunately, we’ve been using…… Continue reading S*paw* Treatment

Fort Fart?

She dove right into it. She dove into her fate. Head first, full speed. There was no going back.  Picture this: It’s cozy clothes AND Fort Day in my first grade classroom. The clock insists it’s after 2:00 pm on a Friday (when it’s actually just after 1:00 pm because the clock has given up…… Continue reading Fort Fart?

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I am a Sweet Potato

I am a sweet potato.  “Yoooooook!” I listened as two little bare feet smacked against the hardwood floor. I watched A as he stumbled to my chair at the dinner table with nothing but a stained t-shirt and a pull-up on. He stood impatiently- feet dancing as he pointed toward the kitchen. Bigger footsteps approached…… Continue reading I am a Sweet Potato

Afraid of Apples

How do you accidentally order 3 days’ worth of food from Green Chef, you ask? “Here I am!”  It was after 4:00 pm on a Friday. I was d-o-n-e. As I readjusted my overstuffed teacher bag on my shoulder, I spotted a large green box sitting in front of my apartment door. The box read,…… Continue reading Afraid of Apples

The Red Zone

The red zone. We’ve all been there. You know, when your blood is boiling and you can’t think straight. When your breath is unstable and your fingers suddenly clench themselves into fists … or like in the cartoons where smoke comes out of your ears and nose until you’re about to explode. It’s like the…… Continue reading The Red Zone

“Here I Am!”

Written & Illustrated by: Alyssa Sibiga est. 2001 Before I was a first grade teacher,  I was a first grader; here I am!  Before I was a first grade teacher,  I wanted to be just like Ms. G. with a smile you couldn’t forget. Before I was a first grade teacher,  I wanted to hear…… Continue reading “Here I Am!”