Four Corners

Day 23 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23

Thanks for the inspiration Writing My Way

Top Left Corner: A bulletin board with past and current class pictures hangs on one wall surrounded by inspirational quotes. To the left, on the blackboard is a student created bookshelf with “Must Read” titles displayed.

Top Right Corner: A gigantic built in teacher’s desk with storage. The storage is fantastic and much appreciated. The desk though… it takes up too much space. I rarely sit at my desk. This year, I decided to purchase black metal chairs and nickname it “the island.” Although really, technically it is a peninsula. Students are welcome to sit and gather at the island. It’s also a great place for small groups.

Bottom Right Corner: Our classroom library is located in the bottom left corner of our space. This is probably my most favorite part of our classroom if I’m being honest. Bookshelves are full of handpicked titles for current and past students. It’s taken years to build. Titles are carefully selected and displayed, as well as pictures of former classes.

Bottom Left Corner: The portal to learning in Room 212. “Welcome. We’re so glad you are here!” is displayed on the outside of our door.

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