Me vs. My Body

My Body: Good Morning! We should hydrate.
My Body: Yeah, ok, but we need water
Me: ooooh, Iced and flavored bean water to get me thru the morning!
My Body: Hey, so if you don’t want this headache, I’d have some high quality H2O pretty soon here…
Me: Hmm, maybe some tea. That’s tasty and less caffeine so I can sleep tonight
My Body: Lookahere, dummy, I’m telling you exactly what you need!!!
Me: That tea was just what I needed. But now I need something cold. Lemonade sounds good!
My Body: Ok, you asked for it, here’s a headache *shrugs*
Me: Oof, my head hurts. Must be the change in the weather. Or perhaps I didn’t eat enough today…
My Body, filing her nails: Yeah, ok. Believe that if you want.
Me: Let me get a bite to eat. And wash it down with….
My Body: WATERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Water. Bottled water? Seltzer water? Lemon Water?
Me: Gingerale. Oh yeah, the carbonation will help me feel better.
My Body: SO. WILL. WATER. Why are you so hard-headed?
Me: Ok, gotta settle down for the night. Took meds but still cant kill this headache. Excedrine migraine has caffeine in it, maybe a cup of tea or coffee can help ease the pain
My Body: WHY DO YOU HATE ME??? I’ve LITERALLY been SCREAMING at you ALL DAY with exactly what you NEED.
Me: Oh, I know, I should have a tall glass of water before bed!
My Body: FINALLY!!! WHEW!!!!!! There’s still hope for her.
Me: Nah, it’s too late to drink now, and I’ll be up peeing all night. I’ll have water in the morning
My Body: Dear LORD!!!!! *face palm*

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I AM THE SAME WAY!!! I am so glad to read this post.
    I have actually felt faint at school and when I drank water at someone’s suggestion, I felt MUCH better. It happened to me TODAY!! I left my classroom of kids to go to the water fountain…. I HAD to!!! I really felt bad. A new plan is in order for me!!

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    1. Today took me down, too. I pinpointed it to my lack of water consumption HAHA. Headache is ebbing now, thank the Lord, but if I don’t pee soon…..there goes my sleep! HA!


  2. My body and I have similar conversations! I feel like I do better with water during the summer months. During the school year I seem to drink a lot of bean water and iced tea! LOL! At least I gave up adding sugar to my drinks. Sigh…


  3. I can definitley relate to this. I am so glad you wrote about this! Often times I tell myself I will drink a glass of water before I have my coffee, but very rarely do I accomplish that goal. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Ok…I’m an over-hydrator….but I still really enjoyed this. “filing her nails” gave me the perfect mental picture. Ha! Thanks for the laughs.

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