Self care

What does self care look like? Depends on the day. Sometimes self care is a long walk with no real destination. Sometimes, waking up a wee bit earlier to have a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. (These times are rare!) Sometimes it’s talking on the phone, yes actually voice to voice, to a friend and losing track of time. Sometimes it’s going for a pedicure, or eating the sweet treats left in the break room. Sometimes it’s sitting in the car in the driveway after taking off my work hat but before putting on my Mom/Wife hat.

Today, self care was leaving the kitchen a mess, every-person-for-themselves dinner, and scrolling thru pictures on my phone for an embarrassing amount of time. I started out looking for something specific, but came across pictures of my kids when they were little, and I fell deeper and deeper into the nostalgia hole.

Self care also looks like a vacation, but we’ll have to talk about that another time.

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By DontBotherOrtizMe

Random musings from a random homosapien. Just trying to enjoy what I can of this ride called life.


  1. You go, girl! Prioritizing where your energy gets spent is the true meaning of self care. If doom scrolling matches your energy level, that is self care! Woo hoo! Enjoy the weekend!

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  2. For me this past week, self care also looked like letting me feel what I was feeling, even though that wasn’t happy. As a teacher it can be hard to teach when you are not in a happier place. As a human, there are times just need to feel what you feel and do what you need to do. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay.

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  3. I love how you’ve articulated self-care looking like different things at different times. And I also love that ending… makes me think of self-care always being a sort of vacation, even if it’s a very short one, and only figuratively transports you away.


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