Motorcycles and Fine Dining

I am blogging each day of March for Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge 21.

Day 27 Motorcycles & Fine Dining

When I found myself ready to date about 2 years after I unexpectedly found myself single, I decided to give online dating a try. After a year dabbling with a free site, I moved to a paid site. (Um, in this case “you get what you pay for” was very apparent on the free site.) 

Eventually I connected with this one particular guy, mainly because his first short message ended with, “If you like my profile and me, please let me know.”  Hm. This was an invitation for me to decide if I wanted to respond. I did, and through subsequent conversations realized we had a lot in common. We also had some differences, which I viewed as opportunities to learn about something new.

In one of the earlier conversations he said he had a Harley, and found peace and relaxation on rides, even short ones. Would I like to go on a ride? That’s a yes! I’ve found I enjoy riding on a motorcycle. I am not sure I’d ever be the one operating it as I still get my left and right hands mixed up. (Too many years when I taught second grade and consistently raised one hand while facing them, saying the name of the opposite hand…) I’m not sure I could handle two hands and two feet all doing something different. But I’ll sit on the back of one and grin into the wind.

That same conversation he also mentioned he likes fine dining – nice restaurants with great food and atmospheres. He said you can’t get much more opposite than that. I think he was warning me that he has what some might consider to be contradictions. However, I just find that interesting! Who wants to be “flat”? Who wants to like only things that are similar? Not me.

In case you are wondering what brought this up for today’s slice, it’s going to be close to 70 degrees outside today. Covid concerns have put a stop (for now) to our fine dining other than take out. 

But if you see a Harley go by with a woman on the back, grinning into the wind, please wave!

A previous ride…


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  1. You describe your attraction to this man so well. I laughed as you explained why operating a motorcyle was something you aren’t ready for but how you definitely would take a ride!
    Great line: I’ll sit on the back of one and grin into the wind.
    So glad you added a photo too from your riding perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed this post! My husband is a motorcycle person, and they actually kind of scare me! But I appreciate his love for them. I agree that life would be very boring if all your interests were similar- it’s always good to have some range.


  3. I love this glimpse into your life and love. 🙂
    I actually have my motorcycle license … I just haven’t ridden for over 20 years . . . I am sometimes in the mood though for sure!


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