Lost and Found

I am blogging each day in March for Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Day 20 Lost and Found

Today I received a happy surprise. My oldest son, who lives in the Los Angeles area, finally received his Christmas present. From December 2019….  

In the fall of 2019 he moved to a new place. We had some extra kitchen stuff he needed, so we mailed him a box. He was happy getting things he didn’t need to buy and I was happy they would be used. I’m notorious for waiting until December to buy Christmas presents. But that fall we had a college jacket, in one of the older styles with leather sleeves, sent to be cleaned & repaired for my oldest son. And we found a couple other little things to send with it (including some candles that used to belong to my mom).  December rolls around, and we pack up the box and ship it to him. Or so I thought. 

When he didn’t get it by the middle of December, it hit me. I called him in a panic that I sent it the wrong address. He called his former roommate who said it was there, but before my son could get there, it disappeared. I was SO upset! I was angry MAINLY at myself, for sending it to the wrong address (but also a little tiny bit at him for not getting over there sooner & snagging it).  No Christmas present for him that year. Just a card.

Today I received a text from him – a  picture of him WEARING THE JACKET!  What the????  As it turns out, the apartment managers were the one who took the box, to keep for my son to pick up. (I thought someone told him to call them.) The apartment managers are moving, and reached out to my son’s former roommate. He called my son, who went & got the box. 

Merry Christmas on the first day of spring!

Now if I can just find the other things I’ve misplaced…


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  1. This is a great story! There are things that I have lost that I hope will come back to me. I think my Dad’s fishing pole that I accidentally cast into a very deep lake will never be coming back. Your son finally getting his present was also a present for you!


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