A slice of before

I sat at my desk to write a slice.

Before that, I LEA’ed a GIEP meeting. Tis’ the season.

Before that, I caught up with a teacher about student concerns.

Before that, I stood in the rain (with an umbrella) during a rainy dismissal.

Before that, hmmm what did I do before that?

Sometime before that, I read 3 chapters of my weekly read aloud to first grade. Right now it’s a mystery and I left them hanging.

Before that, I chatted with our band teacher about possibilities for concert-like performances this spring.

Before that, is a bit of a blur because you know, that’s how school days are! 

Ready to head home.


  1. I like this format. It made me think of something I could slice about today. Thank you! I think I might forget about what happened before many different points of my day. I am going to try this format at some point this month.


  2. I liked how you used LEA as a verb and didn’t explain either of your acronyms. I looked them up before commenting, but the way you wrote it conveys the ongoing alphabet soup of life in education.


  3. Thanks for sharing this. I’m looking for new structures and this is great. I love how you shared the fragments of your school day.


  4. I like how it was a “before that” sentiment where you’re standing in the future looking back at what you did do. I can’t remember a moment ago, though! There has been too much happening in one day’s time, and things are constantly changing. Thanks for this perspective!


  5. I like this format — it reminds me when I try and retrace a conversation that’s gotten severely off topic and someone asks “Wait, how did we end up talking about this.” And I love being able to say “Well X said…” I’ll have to try this next time I’m stuck for a slice 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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