1. This is really cool! I always find things along the sides of the trails I walk and wonder how they got there. I love how you turned it into an advertisement of sorts.


  2. This makes me think of teaching social studies in sixth grade. We spend the year studying ancient civilizations…  which is basically looking at people’s trash–and the stories they leave behind! 

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  3. I can picture exactly where you were walking, and the artifacts are a legit example of our town (plus some random beer cans -and nowadays, used masks!) Maybe I shall visit said museum later if the price is right (I’m guessing we are allowed to pick up souvenirs on the way?!)


  4. Ugh! Makes me sad to think you saw all of this in our town. Glad to see your first spring break post was a little later in the day:) We’ve planned a hike on our staycation, I’ll have to be on the lookout.


  5. Funny – I started reading the comic strip at the Mazda car mat, and I had questions for you about the single shoe! I slowed down, realized this is your town – I live in a big metropolitan area where trash on the side of roads is the norm (Washington, DC)…now I want to do a time-lapse on trash…how much is added on a daily basis? Thank you for taking me to deeper thinking.

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have students draw comics about climate change/to support our environment? This is very thought-provoking!


  6. I love the garbage you chose to sketch and the thought bubbles! Funny things how garbage can become a curious artifact or, as seen here, and artists inspiration!


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