Examples and Nonexamples on a Monday

I am hoping to blog every day of March for Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.

Day 8 Examples and Nonexamples

This morning’s “circle” question was “What does integrity LOOK like?” My fourth graders did a great job coming up with ideas. They said it was helping someone without being asked. It looked like doing what you were supposed to be doing, even when no one was watching. It also looked like being responsible for yourself. Sounds good, right?

Apparently not everyone listened this morning. I had to repeat the directions for a few students multiple times in a small group while talking about a book. During math I needed to “speed walk” through their bubbles so I could keep saying, “Get out your shape cards! Sort them- see the example? Get out YOUR shape cards…. And YOURS…” 

After math class we take a quick mask break and walk around the bus loop. On the way to the door, two kids buzzed around a bunch of slower walkers & headed for the doorway. I stopped them, turned them back & reminded them to get in line. They reluctantly did so.

As we started walking on the loop, one of them walked up to me and proceeded to tell me there were laws and obligations. “You only have to follow laws. Just so you know, you don’t have to follow something if it isn’t a law,” he said and then ran off.

During word study I was told by a student that he didn’t want to do word study today. He wanted to finish what HE was doing. 

Interestingly, one particular student was a part of each of these issues. The two of us are going to work on what integrity really is…as soon as I figure out how to do that.


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  1. This sounds like 5th graders too! They can give me great examples of positive character traits, but as soon as that lesson is over, they forget everything we had discussed.


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