1. I LOVE THIS! You are an artist because artists capture what they see and you did that! I can feel the sheer joy of kids on pajama day just by looking at you pictures!! Keep observing through sketches – observation is a powerful tool in teaching and learning — it is one way of showing kids they matter!


  2. What also stands out to me from your drawings (love them by the way), is that last year at this time had you shown the one on the right we would have been wondering why you had students separated rather than best practice of collaborative groupings. I cannot wait for the day when it is safe to have my students crowded around me on the carpet for a read aloud, leaning in to see the pictures better. I miss those days so much (and they do too). Separately, I’m also a fan of pj day! Lol


  3. You captured the two perfectly. And what is the first Friday in March pajama day always followed by? I woke up this morning and while drinking my “couch coffee” or in my case “favorite chair coffee” realized it should be the start of spring break and I should be on my way to a warm and sunny location. *sigh*


  4. This hit me right in the gut. So much has changed for our students and for us, but many things remain the same. Happy kids learning – and pajama days!


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