1. What a wonderful way to get my day flowing. I love this, the metaphor, the “treasure,” and the fact that waves are these powerful forces that can either swamp or elate. Honestly, it was your tagline on the TWO TEACHERS page that drew me here, but I’ll be back!


  2. This is SO beautiful. I just love how your captured all these thoughts in this image. Thank you for sharing this page of your notebook! Now I need to go back and see your other slices! Also, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments! You are so sweet! -Dana


  3. We are polar opposites on the beach and early morning slicing but I’m loving your graphic slices. I might have to try it out. You need to be the presenter at our next meeting and then we all should follow it up with a graphic slice.


  4. I am echoing everyone else’s comments by applauding your very meaningful post! You sure have a way of expressing how many of us are feeling with the just the simplest of graphic drawings…looking forward to what you do for the rest of the month!!


  5. Do you think in pictures? I ask because one of my students does and your drawing feels similar. I’m reminded of how much can be expressed in pictures. I’m always amazed!


    1. Not sure that I think in pictures, but I definitely “get it out” more effectively through sketch. I am more anxious and self-conscious in my written words, so pictures allow for others to interpret and read as they see it. Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚


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