Year Eight? What!?

Hello world! 

I finally took the leap–thanks for the encouragement onathought! This is my eighth year participating in slice of life… but my first year officially blogging! I’m sure my google.doc will miss me! ❤ 

Slicing helps me slow down–and pay more attention to the world around me. It helps me capture small moments with my daughters and husband, my love for teaching, my students, and our classroom, as well as giving me an outlet to reflect and process life! 

As I prepare my writing muscles for this upcoming slice of life challenge, it made me realize just how thankful I am for slicing! I have slices that captured my new mom moments, quotes & pictures from A & E and all of the silly things they have done since they were babies, as well as memories of my grandmother. 

Writing is not always easy… it’s definitely a-lot-a-bit messy… but it’s real and it’s honest–and that’s what makes it beautiful. 

So here’s to year eight!


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Reader. Writer. Teacher. Singer of Random Tunes. Lover of Jokes, Doodling, & Flair Pens.


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