Green Jelly Jar Cabinet (or maybe an ode to my husband?)

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In my childhood home, my mom has a wooden jelly jar cabinet with punched tin cabinet doors. It is beautiful–and filled to the brim with boardgames, cards, and puzzles. The cabinet that started out blue has since been sanded and stained to look more natural. It’s home is in the living room, close to the kitchen, where we spent hours playing games, smack talking, and gaining or losing bragging rights depending on the outcome of the game.

Before I was married, I shared with Tom (my now husband then fiance), how much I would love to have my very own jelly jar cabinet someday. Well, lucky for me, one of Tom’s favorite hobbies is woodworking. He spent so many hours building things in his grandfather’s shop.

After asking for my input, Tom went to work crafting my very own jelly jar cabinet. Together, we painted it a light green and decided to stain the top and the shelves inside.

I felt so lucky to have such a beautiful cabinet–and it was completed just in time for us to move into our very first apartment. Our first place was miniscule (and that’s putting it nicely). There were not many cabinets in the kitchen–and my brightly colored Fiestaware plates were too big to fit inside the cabinet on the wall. Into the wooden cabinet my collection went–it all fit so perfectly and made me feel extra thankful for my thoughtful husband.

Fast forward a few years (and a couple moves), the jelly jar cabinet lives in the dining area in our kitchen. It no longer houses all of our Fiestaware, but it still is home to many mugs, serving dishes, and a few other pieces I’ve collected over the years. The rainbow of colors peeking through the glass make me smile.

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  1. Ah! I love this. The cabinet is exploding with color and fun… and the meaning behind it makes it even more special. You’re a lucky lady to have a handy guy! I might ask you for a favor in the future as I continue my house hunting!!


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