1. I love this one! I might need to put some things to rest. I laughed at “caring who sits in my stool”- that’s a tough one!


  2. So your blog is getting a follow! I love your play on imagery and ideas in single images. The dark side of your humour here appeals to me as a reader.
    I admit, I wrote a whole blog about the actual game “Ghost in the Graveyard”, but this is better. 🙂

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  3. If my chair ever comes back to school I’m not sure I can give up caring who sits in it. I had to get a new one because every summer Jim had to repair my chair so I instituted no one sits in my new chair.


  4. This is so brilliant! You’ve inspired me to make my own. (And side note- I can picture the Ben and Jerry’s Wavy Gravy ice cream container – those were some good flavors.)


  5. this is an amazing slice! And your juxtaposition with Ben and Jerry’s flavors is brilliant and really drew me in! Proud of you!


  6. I love that idea of paying attention to what I’ve laid to read. So interesting to read yours, and fun to have that connection with the Ben and Jerry’s flavors.


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