It’s Tuesday and I’m slicing!
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Forward means playing a funny cat video
And laughing with your students
Forward means five extra minutes of read aloud
Forward means coming up with a weekly meal plan to make evenings less stressful
And having your kids help plan and write the meals on the dry erase board
Forward means taking a month off from swimming to make more time in the evenings
Forward means March Book Madness book clubs
Forward means reading Junie B. Jones with your youngest and laughing just as hard as you did the first time you read the series with your oldest daughter
Forward means hugging your daughter for her recognition for creating a school kindness poster at school
Forward means painting your nails (and your daughter’s too!) a bright color
Forward means making a worm delivery an exciting event
Forward means saying hard truths
Forward means sending positive emails home to families
Forward means playing silly music in the morning
And having dance parties on Fridays
Forward means pausing to breathe and to take in THE SUNSHINE
As you leave school for the day
Forward means having Izzy (our puppy) “help” pick out your kids outfits in the morning
Because you would rather hear giggles than grumbles
Forward means plans with friends that may or may not include a bottle (or two) of wine
Forward means a new month full of new possibilities
Forward means vowing to continue to move forward

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  1. So much wisdom in these “forward” motions; I note how many are intentional celebrations of life. It reads with such flow and positive energy – even this striking line tucked in the middle, “Forward means saying hard truths.” Forward is a word of accomplishing!

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    1. Yes! Trying to celebrate and find a more positive way forward. It’s been a really tough school year. I loved your comment, “Forward is a word of accomplishing!” Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Dearest Krista,

    I LOVE this post! #forward indeed. Each line is so laden with intentionality! I love that your movement is not characterized by massive milestones, but by the little ones – that make such a monumental difference! As in, the lovely menu; the cancelled class; the heartfelt hug!

    So often, we get wrapped up in the chaos of life and forget that it is essential to slow down and immerse ourselves in the most compelling moments of all. Thank you for this reminder. I’m greatly anticipating the joys that will come with moving “forward” following this salient prescription!

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown


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