1. Wow. This is so powerful in so many ways. I especially love the “I need help but I don’t know how to tell you I need it” across from the “stop / go away” signs. And the “I’m here” at the very bottom. Just beautiful. Your students are so lucky to have someone who understands.


  2. This is a great representation of how so many of us our feeling. Our school system is shifting back to fully online (we’ve been hybrid) after Spring Break ends this week. High school teachers will be starting new classes with students we’ve never even met and an indefinite path forward. I’m exhausted and it hasn’t even begun!


  3. I LOVE this and will be using it with my middle school students. Here is an example of visual poetry. Oh, I’m glad I found it, (and the message isn’t just for teachers…my students can use it, too; they’re old enough).


  4. Oh yes – absolutely! This should be tweeted and re-tweeted and go viral. And more importantly – addressed. I’m not sure if most people understand the depth of how the pandemic is affecting kids!


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